Best Sprays for Ants that work


dish-soap-sprayKilling ants is the last option you have if your house is infested with these tiny invaders. Ignoring infestation at this stage will be dangerous for the people living there.

And if the ants have reached your kitchen or kid’s room, then all your patience will reach saturation level. This is right time to use some ant sprays to kill ants.

The chemical ant killers in the form of sprays available off the shelf are immediate in their action but the only problem is that they are chemicals after all.

The effect of such fumes and sprays remain in your house. People living in chemically treated homes to kill ants are always exposed to some kind of danger.

If any of them have some breathing problem like Asthma or Bronchitis it will be actually a big problem to stay in house afterwards.

Families with kids or pets must try to avoid the chemical ant sprays as far as possible. So here this write up is for all of your losing your patience to invasion of ants and get information about some good natural and chemical sprays to kill ants.

Natural Sprays

Vinegar Spray

Ants really hate it if they have to sniff vinegar when they are actually expecting pheromone trails leading to food stuff.

Who would like any obstruction to their food items? Well you to have to take advantage of their weakness. This method will make a simple, harmless and cheap spray.

You will need white vinegar, water and a spray bottle. Take equal quantities of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and shake them together thoroughly.

Spray this solution directly on the ants. They will be killed on the spot and you can clean the mess of dead ants using a wet paper napkin and throw them away in dustbin.

You can also use this solution for deterring the ants from entering your house by spraying generous amounts around entrance, windows and the plant pots in your home.

Dish soap spray

This again is a very simple, handy and economical homemade spray with a guarantee of immediately killing ants, marching into your homes.

All you have to do is that fill a spray bottle with one cup liquid dish soap and two cups of water, and shake them together to make a smooth solution. This solution actually works due to the ability of soap solution to suffocate.

Whenever you see an invading horde of ants, spray this solution on them directly. Being suffocated they will be killed and you can clean up the surface with a wet paper towel and discard the used tissue paper in dustbin This method is suitable if ants are coming in  groups. It will not do any harm to the ant colony.

Lemon juice spray

Some people are sensitive to pungent smell of vinegar or have a doubt to use dish soap solution due to its slippery properties.

For them here is a simple and economical spray using lemons. Get a part of lemon juice and mix it to three parts of water in a spray bottle.

Spray this solution directly on the ants to kill them. It leaves a mild aroma in your home that you will love.

Chemical Pesticides

Taurus SC and Phantom Aerosol Kit- non-repellant

If you have tried your luck with natural ant sprays but are unable to get rid of these stubborn invader, then go for some chemical treatments.

Taurus SC and Phantom Aerosol Kit are strong enough to kill ants inside your house as well as the surroundings. This kit is reliable because of its non-repellent insecticide category.

Non repellent ant sprays makes sure that the ants are unable to sniff the presence of such killer spray. So they unwittingly pass through the sprayed chemicals.

But they will not be immediately killed. These foraging ants catching this insecticide on their bodies will return back to their colonies and share it with others there. So a good number of ants will be killed.


Ant invasion is a very common problem of almost all households. To tackle these fidgety problems so many solutions are available.

Here we tried to provide you methods of both natural and chemical sprays for killing ants. So it’s a hope that you will be able to kill the ants and live a peaceful life.