Step by Step instructions to Flea Bomb your house


flea-bombYou have finalized the flea-fogger to end your pet’s suffering from flea attack. The instructions are given on the product that you have purchased.

I want you to go ahead with the following steps to execute an effective flea fogging or bombing.

Preparation before flea fogging

The first step in preparation for flea fogging is to clean up your house completely forcing the unscrupulous pests out of their hiding place.

For this, vacuum your house thoroughly including the carpets, couches, curtains, and your dog’s sleeping furniture and bedding or any area which is frequented by your pet.

Wrap up all the things (clothes, toiletries), in polythene bags or wrapping sheets, since you won’t wish to contaminate these with poisonous fogger. Once you complete bombing you can take them out as clean as before.

Move your indoor plants and other delicate furniture pieces, outside to keep them safe from poisonous fumes of fogger.

Cover floors of the rooms to be fogged, with old newspapers.Shut all the windows tightly and unplug all the electrical appliances while this process is being undertaken.

Get masks for you and all others who will be assisting you, to get minimum exposure to these harmful chemicals.

Last but most important – request your closest friend to arrange for a small get together as you will have 8-9 spare hours before you open your house again after fogging.

Steps to execute flea bombing

Read the instructions carefully on the flea fogger canister and decide how much quantity is needed for your space.

After covering your face with a mask, shake the fogger vigorously to shake up the chemicals enclosed.

Now open the flea fogger canister by pushing the release valve really hard. Release of valve strongly is very essential otherwise the canister will stop in between the fogging process.

Start from the farthest end of the room and spread the chemical in a single and long spray while going backwards towards the door and maintaining the distance away from the cloud of spray created.

As soon as the canister is emptied, rush towards the door and fasten it tightly behind you. Go to your friend’s house and enjoy your hard earned 8 free hours.

Winding up after flea fogging

Return back to your house after 8 hours and open all the window. Switch on the fans to blow out any residual fumes. Throw away all the newspapers spread on the floor and the empty canisters.

Wipe, clean and mop the floor, cupboards and cabinets, thoroughly to remove any strains of the flea fogger.

Do not vacuum the carpets and curtains immediately as they are still a safe harbor for flea eggs or larvae escaping the process. This ensures that any hidden pests get enough time to be exterminated within next two days.

Around one hour after opening and cleaning the house, you are ready to bring back the plant pots and other furniture you moved out of house earlier.

Replace the things from polythene bags, back to the cupboards and cabinets. Throw away the discarded covers.

After two days of spraying flea fogger, vacuum your carpets and curtains to remove all the dead eggs and larvae.

Repeat this process every two months to get rid of this problem forever.