Flea Foggers : Is this a Last Resort to fight Fleas


flea-foggerOnce your pet is infested with fleas, the chance that your house is also infested with fleas is really high. Flea infestation can be controlled or prevented in a number of ways.

If infested, pets should be treated under the care and consultation of veterinary doctor. You must clean your house and vacuum it as frequently as possible preferably twice a week. Flea sprays are also very effective in controlling flea menace.

Even after treating your home with suggested measures, you are still facing the problem of reappearance of flea on your pets or in your home, the last solution available is to Flea Bomb your home. Flea bomb is also called flea Fogger.

What is a Flea fogger?

Foggers are basically sprays which release chemical fog in an enclosed area like a room, to kill fleas when they come in contact with it.

A number of foggers needed to remove flea at home depends on the size of home. In comparison to professional pest control treatments, Flea Fogger is an economical option.

But the question is do they give 100% relief from the torture of flea. Let’s throw some light on this important question

Foggers are manufactured keeping in view of its indoor use. Once foggers are applied in your home, you have to stay away for at least eight hours.

The fog released should cover every nook and corner of home for maximum impact. But the truth about foggers is that fog does not reach under the furniture, in closets, corners of beds and under the mattresses.

Foggers do not work to full capacity when used in furnished homes. They are effective and able to eliminate fleas better in empty houses. It is always preferred to fog your house before you move in.

Foggers release dangerous chemical fumes which are very harmful for humans and pets.

Even after closing your home for 8 hours after flea bombing, the harmful effects of fogger chemicals can continue for many days and sometimes may leave you with an irritating smell and harmful residues.

Foggers are no doubt better and economical choice for flea-control treatment but Is it a foolproof method to eradicate fleas from your house completely? The answer is “No”.

Even If you have cleaned and treated your home fully with foggers, the outdoors and yard which are the prime source of fleas for pets is left untreated as foggers work indoors only.

Before entering your home after flea fogger treatment, don’t forget to get your pets treated for flea infestation. Otherwise pets will washout your hard work for flea bombing by spreading fleas again.

Final words

Finally the verdict is that flea foggers are just one aspect of flea-eradication and is not a complete and guaranteed treatment for this big problem.

Flea foggers do not kill fleas on your pets, outdoor areas and hidden places in your home. So treating your pet and clearing your yard along with home, flea bombing will ensure better treatment.