Keep fleas And Ticks away from Dogs: Treatment and Prevention


flea-and-tickInfected by ticks and flea it’s so distressing for your dog and so irritating for you to see him biting and scratching.

You must be looking for all options to make it comfortable for these adorable beings. Let’s discuss some of the useful methods in preventing and curing your cuddly ones from these parasitic evils.


Keep them outdoor for minimum duration

You cannot avoid taking them outdoors. They need fresh air and open space to run around (being their favorite workout), relieve them and get close to other pets in neighborhood.

Even you love to watch them jumping and hopping cutely in enjoyment. But this is the time when they have the maximum risk of catching fleas and pests.

You must   take them outdoors for minimum possible time and prevent them to get close to damp and stingy places.

Regular physical checkup

Another easy way to prevent is to keep them checking physically regularly. If you find them scratching very frequently, this a serious signal not to be ignored.

Before taking any professional help you must judge the gravity of the problem. If there are only few pests, remove them using pincers and disinfect the wound immediately, before it spreads so much that you have to pay for a vet’s bill.

Keep house clean and open spaces uncluttered

If you think that only outdoors have the reasons for this infliction on these speechless creatures, then you are gravely mistaken.

Your home and the things that you stack in garage, basement, and the plants which adorn your house, are an ideal breeding haven for these parasites.

So to keep you pets healthy and cheerful, clean your house as well as its open spaces regularly and prevent any dampness and dirt get around your pets.



Medicines for this condition are available in form of pills over the counter. These must be given to your pet once very month mixed in his favorite food.

This method is very easy since it does not require to hold him down at one place. He will happily ingest it giving him relief from his scratchy problem. These oral medications also take care of eggs and larvae, thus breaking their breeding cycle.


However dirty your dog is, he hates it when you take him to the bathtub. But here you don’t have any other option, than to give him a medicated bath.

With specially medicated shampoos you will be successful in keeping your dog free of ticks and fleas for up to two weeks and after that you must pull up yourself, to start this tug-of-war with your dog all over again.

Tick Dips

Instead of taking the difficult path of shampooing, you can use Tick Dips. These are medicinal solutions which can be applied on the skin and fur of your dog and work as a leave-in treatment. No need to wash off, let it show its results.

Tick Sprays

Still more handy option is to use the tick sprays to give immediate and effective relief to the hassled creatures. When you could not persuade your dog for a shampoo bath, this in between topical treatment worth using.