How to Protect Your Garden from Squirrels


squirrel_gardenSquirrels are one of the common presences as a part of landscape that involves trees. Hence, your garden is not an exemption.

They really contribute actively for the destruction of your yard. If you are planning to drive them away off your yard, you need to surely outsmart them.

Several tactics and tips exist to eradicate them, but different methods work for different situations. Try to combine one or few of the available squirrel extermination techniques to successfully eliminate them from your garden.

The intention of these tips and techniques in action are to send them away. You can do this by:

  • Removing all that attracts them in the garden like fruits, nuts, seeds, birdfeeders etc.
  • Repelling them by making use of sprays made of hot peppers, peppermint oil, vinegar etc.
  • Distracting them by planting trees like tomatoes and add water in squirrel pit-stop, near the outskirts of your garden so that they feed only on these and do not enter your garden.
  • Scaring them by making a dog or a cat as a permanent member of your yard.
  • Excluding them by installing cages or nets to cover the plant bed in your yard.
  • Protecting your harvest by securing the food just before they turn out to be squirrel’s favorite.
  • Covering bare soil by placing mulches over seed bed to discourage them.
  • Invite squirrel predators like hawks and other owl species into your yard.

Are squirrels digging your pots and plants?

The common method that squirrels follow to destroy your garden is by digging your pots and plants.

Some of the common destructions that squirrels do to damage your garden include:

  • Dig shallow spots in seed and plant beds.
  • Bite fruits and bloomed flowers and then leave them half eaten.
  • Dig and remove small plants along with their roots.
  • Dig the containers that are filled with veggies, herbs and flowers.

If this is the kind of activity in your yard, then it is high time that you exterminate them. Try to remove their access to these pots and plants by making use of squirrel extermination techniques.

Eradicating through non-toxic methods

Never forget to prefer humane methods so that they can only run away and lead a safe life in some other place. Here are some non-toxic suggestions to help you get rid of them from your garden:

Methods to eradicate squirrels through non-toxic methods

Chilli powder

Mix chilli powder in bird feeders to deter the squirrels. The taste will not at all bother the birds, but will disturb squirrels. Try to add nuts and seeds to a bagful of powder. Ensure that their favorite nuts are not hidden behind the red hot powder.

Cayenne Pepper

Sprinkle cayenne pepper or garlic powder on the soil right before when the plants start to bloom. The smell of the powder will make them helpless and force them to run away from the place.

Coyote urine

Coyote or fox urine are known to drive away squirrels. These predator urine can be made available to you by some of the pest stores.

You should be using them as sprays over the area where you wish the squirrels to not to enter. However, there are no proven records to guarantee the result.

Blood meal

Another effective non-toxic squirrel exterminating technique is to make use of a blood meal, which is not at all a squirrel’s favorite.

When you make use of this technique, ensure that the area is not wet to avoid stinking. Also, blood meal acts as a fertilizer. Hence, ensure that you know what you are doing with your plants before following this method.

Squirrel wire

Install wires under and above the plant bed in the form of electric fencing in order to deter the squirrels. This technique will turn them out and gets the work done effectively.


Exterminate the existence of squirrels from your garden by taking necessary preventative measurements to cut their access to your garden.

At the same time, try to act humane on these rodents by making use of non-toxic eradicating techniques so that you will not only get rid of them, but will also not keep their lives at risk.