Most Effective Ant Baits That Work


ants-baitAs soon as you see ants flocking to your house, your immediate reaction is to grab a canister of pesticide and kill the ants.

Wait and think! Are you doing the right thing? Your house when sprayed and sprinkled with such harsh chemicals just to kill tiny ants is little extreme step considering their harmful effects on you, your family and pets.

If you think for a while and seriously look for some other options, there are a number of harmless ways to kill many ant species, one of such methods is laying baits.

Baits are more effective in increasing  the number of causalities of your enemies called ants. Actually baits are rather slow in showing its affect but once the ants who have consumed the bait and reach their home, they will pass on this poison to others in the colony.

So your one act will actually kill ants in large number or may wipe off the ant colony entirely. So this method is a more permanent solution to your ant invasion problem.

Now you are convinced with this method, you must also know the rules of the game. The real success lies in your craftiness and skill in laying these baits for the unsuspecting ants.

You must trick them by offering such tempting treat that they should come running to relish it and carry the masked poison to their colony and the queen ant.

As the chemical reaches queen, then you can sit back and relax because queen is responsible for creation of whole colony and now she will be responsible for death of its progeny. Once she is gone the colony is wiped off killing all the ants

Some of the ant species are immune to the bait treatment. For such resistant species killing ants will definitely involve other treatments which you were avoiding earlier.

Here you will know all the ant species who feed on different foods and what will be their baits. So here are some of very excellent baiting tips according to the ant type.

Sweet Feeding Ants

Due to their attraction to sweets these ants are most easy prey to ant baits. You can use jellies and sugar to mask boric acid or hydramethylnon and kill these ant invaders.

As a first step you must understand their behavior and movement in locating food and you can plan your strategy to lay down the baits

Your next step will be to attract them by placing their favorite food at locations they frequent the most. You will need a masking tape and some sweet food here.

Put some masking tape at the crucial locations of these visiting pests and cover it will jelly or sugar paste to attract them.

Sweet-loving ants once start feeding on these strategically placed sweet baits, then you can place the poisonous bait at these locations to have an efficient attack.

These baits should contain a slowly-working poison so that the searching worker ants do not die on the spot but carry the poison to the queen.

Protein Feeding Ants

Other kind of ants characterized by big heads, little black bodies or those running on garden pavements, feed on protein. They also enjoy grease and fruit juices. So these ants must be killed with baits made up of  protein, grease or fruit juices.

Such baits can be prepared using 4 tablespoons of peanut butter, 6 tablespoons of honey and 3/4 teaspoon of boric acid. Mix them together and put at the locations where you find ants of the above description.

Carpenter Ants

The Carpenter ants have the maximum resistance to the baits as they relish everything they get like sweets and a variety of other food items.

To kill the carpenter ants you need to be imaginative and courageous. The bait for them works in other way. You have to locate their colony’s hideout and attack them right in their castle.

You will need some dead crickets for this maneuver. You either purchase them or catch them if you are energetic enough.

Place a pair of these dead crickets where the carpenter ants come to search their food and on finding a delicious meal in form of dead crickets, they will  pull them along to their nest. This will give you their nesting place address.

The ideal time for this detective work is late afternoon or evenings, since this is the time when carpenter ants run out to collect their food. You can now place the poisonous bait in their nest and see the ants killed.

Final words

Placing baits at right time and right locations is the key to kill ants successfully. You can easily identify their locations of movement and colony, or their path of search (observe for two three days).

If you carefully identify the ant species and prepare the suitable bait accordingly, you’ll see swarms of ants rushing towards the bait. Move your bait to some other locations if ants are not attracted.


“Keep trying these techniques for at least a week and replace the bait with a fresh stock. The food items used in making baits may get dried up or lose its taste if kept for longer durations. So keep ants interested by refreshing the supplies and lay baits repeatedly till you get an ant free home.”